Walk; Don't run.


   You ever just stop and think; Like really sit and think? To willfully and knowingly stop to just take it all in? People in the world nowadays are so fast paced; Never stopping to look around and enjoy the natural beauty of things. Everyone is so obsessed with instant gratification and always being on the go; How do people stay sane without taking a minute to ground themselves? No time for meditation, no time to sit in the silence and just watch and listen. We forget that we have to stop and take time to renew our energy; Feed our souls. Taking the time to ground ourselves, gives us a fulfilling empowerment. Its almost like believing in a higher power; Except the higher power, is you. You lift yourself into a state of euphoria.

      All of us, almost always, take the simplest beauties in nature for granted. When was the last time you took the time to climb a mountain just for the experience? Not to see how fast you could get to the top, but to focus on the experience you create on your way up. To take as much time as you possibly can to accomplish a task and not rush through it. Take time to admire the scenery, breathe in the fresh air; Take the view in. Look for signs of wildlife around, make a game of it; Point out the different species you encounter. Rushing through things that don't need to be rushed through, just creates more stress. Why is there always a need to rush? As Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia says,


“It’s about how you got there. Not what you’ve accomplished.”


  Walk; Don't run:

     Go to a park; Bring a blanket, a snack, something to drink and just sit. Take the time to listen to sound the grass makes as it rustles in the wind; The cricket laid upon a thin blade, playing his song for all to hear. Watch how they dance as the wind caresses their tips; Almost as if they're taking a bow for nature.

    Sit at home when it's raining and think about the sweet, ambient sound of rain drops crashing onto the roof in the middle of the night; The thunder rumbling in the distance and a lightning crack to follow. Everything in nature makes a sound as it's interacting with the rest of nature; Listen.

    Go to the ocean and close your eyes. Let the salty aroma of the sea fill your senses; Feel the damp breeze rolling off the water as it surrounds you. Listen to the waves rolling and crashing on the rocks; Watch as the tide kisses the shoreline, just to run back out to sea. Take a seat In the sand and listen to the sand shifting underneath your weight, to accommodate for your presence. Notice how the sand glistens in the sunlight, like there are diamonds hidden within it. Think about all the critters burrowed in the sand or under the rocks in the shade, in a quaint tide pool. Listen to the seagulls hovering above, cawing, looking for some tasty morsels to claim.


  Leave a few minutes earlier than you usually would:

    Ever notice how someone that's always on the run is almost frantic? Leave earlier; Sit in your car for a moment and listen to the engine rumble. Sing along to a song before you ever leave your driveway; Just breathe. Think about all the stress that you could be possibly diminishing by not feeling rushed. It will feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest; Life will be more pleasant.


  Pick up a hobby that requires time; Make time:

    Go for a daily walk; Think about a task on hand that needs to get done and formulate a constructive plan on how to accomplish it. Reflect and reminisce. Pick some flowers; Notice and enjoy their beauty. Count how many petals they have; inspect them. Notice the intricate designs of colors on them.

     Pick up a sport that grabs your attention; Take your time to learn the game. Learn the tricks and trades; get good at it. Try to truly enjoy what you're doing. Smiling while you do it, won't hurt either.


  Learn how to meditate:

    Pick up a yoga class once a week. Buy some new clothes to wear while you go; Something that makes you feel good. Read a book on how to ground yourself better; Get into it.

     Get yourself some crystals or stones with grounding properties; Carry them around with you. Find ways to empower yourself. Learn how to let things go that you cannot change. Try not to stress out about things before they happen, you don't need the stress; Trust that everything will work out the way it should.                   

     Don't hold grudges with people. All it does is take up valuable time that you could be using to worry about how to bring more serenity to your life.


     These are a few strategies that I've come up with over time to slow myself down. When you can stop, take a step and say to yourself, "wow, I made the rush stop; I slowed down time." You'll feel enlightened: to say the least, it will be liberating. You'll start to notice the simple beauties in life, the ones that most people miss out on. Life is already so short; don't make it fly by quicker by giving into the face paced lifestyle that everyone seems to get sucked in to. Break free from that gravitational pull; resist the urge to speed up.


     Remember, there is no real hurry; just the one that you create for yourself. Everyone you see, has a life just as intricate as you; Just because society is always on the run, doesn't mean you can't stop and smell the flowers. Taking time to slow down for a moment in such a fast paced society, will do your body a lot of good. No one needs the added stress that we put on ourselves though unrealistic time frames and poor planning.


Life is not a race. Do take it slower.

Hear the music. Before the song is over.

-David L. Weatherford